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Our online assessment engine and evaluation application makes assessments efficient, fast, transparent and fair. In today's scenario, competence assessments are adopted to guide employees to powerful learning experiences, reduce learning curves, confirm competencies, knowledge and attitudes, and motivate them by giving a sense of achievement. But how does one ensure standardized assessments for the geographically dispersed workforce?

Our online assessment system helps gauge employee competence levels periodically, across locations, so that the competence gaps are addressed through appropriate training. These tests can then be administered to users or groups of users across locations, quickly and easily. The easy-to-use evaluating and reporting features make the post-test process smooth and accurate.

Helps learners take up relevant training and bridge their competence gaps, based on assessments that are time and cost efficient

Monitors performance and competencies organization-wide

Standardizes all assessments and reaches out to an organization's workforce globally

Each one of the above feature has been developed in consultation with the industry. As a result, the features take into account the practical aspects faced by the assessment administrators, hiring managers and training architects. We truly believe that in a work environment, the best way to measure somebody's competence is to make him/her do the exact same thing during the assessment. Our assessments in conjunction with our simulation and learning programs provide exclusive solutions.

We have over two decades of experience in running open assessments and our assessments are high on validity and reliability.