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The biggest issue facing the academic world today is how to keep students focussed on learning. With the option to dabble with so many things focus takes a back seat for a student. With the reduced attention span schools have to engage the students more in order to share the learning inputs better.

We can support the academia in this effort by partnering with them and creating gamified contents aligned with their session plans. For example, in one of the large B-Schools we are gamifying 30% of the MBA courses as per the directions provided by the concerned faculties. Possibly, this is the first time in the coutry that such an initiative has been taken in the teaching-learning space.



Simulation is an imitation of real world process or system over time. A model to be developed around the skill to be learnt.



Simulations can be embeded in your course curriculum by converting few case studies or otherwise.



Simulation can also be used in evaluation of a student’s learning by putting him or her in different decision-making situations.

Improved Teaching- Learning Outcome

Attention Span