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Working Capital Management- MoCa WoCa

WoCa WoCa is a simulation of working capital management in an organisation. The participants will understand how few decisions can change the working capital availability in an organisation dramatically.

Game Description:

WoCa WoCa is a simulation of effective management of working capital in a healthcare and welness company. Although the company is financially in a comfortable position still then they face challenges as they are not able to effectively manage their working capital.

Scenarios Description:

As the game progresses scenarios come up one after another. In these scenarios the participant faces situations where he has to advise the CEO for improving the cash situation. Although the number of decisions to be taken here is less still then each decision has the potential of drastically changing the working capital situation. Every scenario builds on the outcome of the decisions taken in the previous scenario. This simulation manitains data continuity and makes the later scenarios that much more challenging.

Key Decisions:

For every scenario requires decision to be taken around :

-supplier agreement effectiveness


-vendor relationship


Recruitment Strategy- iRecruit

iRecruit is a simulation of the recruitment process of a large organization. The independent variables related to employment contracts, hiring channels, competency levels required, compensation linkages are required to be understood to be successful in achieving the stated goals of the simulation.

Game Description:

In a large software company, the head of talent acquisition is required to plan for hiring Java developers so that headcount requirements during specified periods are met. He has a limited budget to allocate for different activities and at the same time has to ensure that the requirements are met and software projects do not get delayed which would mean loss of revenue for the organization.


The head of talent acquisition has to meet the requirements keeping in mind the hiring channels available to him, different kinds of contracts and other constraints which are specified from scenario to scenario. This is a discrete events simulation and each scenario is independent of the other. However, each subsequent scenario brings in a higher challenge for the head.

Key Decisions:

Key decisions to be taken by the participants are related to:

-Contract Mix

-Channel Mix

-Time to Hire

-Hiring Cost

-Revenue Losses


Training Strategy- iTrain

iTrain is a simulation of the competency development process in organizations. It simulates the execution of a training plan designed to upgrade the competency levels of the employees of an organization. 

Game Description:

In a large software develoment company in Bathelano city, you are the head of the L&D function. You are responsible for ensuring that competency levels of employees is upgraded as required by the business. You will be facing several uniques situations as time goes by you have to take appropriate decisions to meet organizational goals.

Scenario Description:

Your company has to prepare employees to deliver a projecct for one of your clients within a specified time and budget.You will have to dabble with various pedagogy options in the online and offline formats alongwith a bunck of trainers. You have to work within a specified budget and limited time.

Key Decision:

Key decisions are related to:

-competency development timelines

-trainers to be used

-pedagogy choice

-budgetary allocation etc.


Marketing Strategy- Sonees' Dhonis

Sonees Dhonis is a marketing strategy simulation. It requires the participant to understand the industry and the way the market works. The participant has to take several decisions related to promotion, pricing, people, etc. They would take up the role of a CMO and deliver the KPIs in a simulated environment.

Game Description:

In a sea-locked country dotted with hundreds of islands, sea-planes and dhonis(speed boats0) are the only two modes of transport. Dhoni manufacturing is a highly regulated industry. Currently there is only one manufacturer but the Governmenthas given licence to another one to start manufacturing in a couple of years.

Scenario Description:

The scenario unfolds the crrent situation of the market and the future landscape. The company has to use the budget allocated to it very effectively so that its key performance indicators are met.

Key Decisions:

The participants are required to take decisions related to :







People Management- iDeliver

iDeliver is a simulation of a manager's role who manages a lare team and needs to take decisions related to people. She needs to keep the team motivated and competent to achieve sales targetsand manage within budgets.

Game Description:

In an industrialized city a manager manages a large team in a retail store. Justin is a manager who manages a team of more than 100 employees. There are few supervisors who report to him directly and the rest indirectly through the supervisors. Justin has to meet the business targets in this highly people dependent business. 

Scenario Descriptions:

In an industrialized city a manager manages a large team in a retail store. As the game progresses the manager has to wade through a number of situations by taking several decisions within specified frameworks. The participants gain experience with organizational levers for retaining motivated, productive and competent employees.

Key Decisions:

Participants are expected to take critical decisions related to:



-productivity, etc.

in order to be effective as a people manager.


Change Management- Game Changer

Participants in the simulation will learn how to influence the decision-makers and others so that a high stake change can be brought about in an organization. It provides participants an understanding of the change levers that one need to use in order to achieve seamless change.

Game Description:

Game Changer is about a senior functionary’s approach towards managing a large scale change process. In this organization, he has to deal with the leadership team individually and collectively as well as the entire organization as an unit to ensure that the change is implemented seamlessly. The change process has various stages. The participant working as the functionary has to select the appropriate intervention to overcome the resistance to change and make people aligned to the organization goals.


Game Changer has different scenarios built around planning and implementation of the change initiative. In every scenario, there would be the option to choose interventions from a laundry list. Some of these would be applicable to some individual or few leaders. Similarly, few others would be applicable to the entire organization. The game requires that the leaders who are opposing the change or are neutral are converted to pro change positions. Similarly, it also requires an overwhelming majority of employees to support the change initiative.

Key Decisions:

Key decision points that are to be considered for this simulation by the participants are related to:

-Phases of organizational change

-Options related to various levers

-Applicability of levers with individual leaders and the organization as a whole


Planning Skills- Survivor of Tumbuctou

This is a simulation in the lines of the popular Desert Survival game. The participants are required to take decisions so that they survive the desert and reach nearby habitation safe and sound. The planning skills of the participants are abundantly challenged in this simulation.


Decision Making- Balancing Act

This simulation recreates the weight and balance decision-making related to seaplanes, Although the context is of an aviation event, the participants (even without any knowledge of aviation industry) can achieve the desired results with good planning skills.


Consumer Behavior - Reuben's Lift

Participants in this simulation are tested on their skills related to customer acquisition. They need to make decisions based on the available trends related to customers. They have to come up with the best consumer lifetime value given a budget that they can spend.


B2B Sales Management- Salesman

A conversational simulation between the participants and a corporate customer. By the end of the simulation the participant should be able to take the sales proposal forward by convincing the key decision maker.  


Banking & Financial- Chiti Chiti Bank Bank

Chiti Chiti Bank Bank is a simulation of the lending decisions taken in banks. The participants will decide on the amount of loans and the interest rates to be charged so that the companies do not fall into the NPA trap.


Production Planning- Drink Me

As a Zonal Business Head you have to take few production related decisions for a company that is into soft drinks business. The major challenge would be to decide whether production could be outsourced or not.


Leadership- L.E.A.D.

As a Business Leader you have to keep your immediate next level team competent and motivated to achieve business goals. As they say "The task of the leader is to get their people from where they are to where they have not been."


Hospitality Strategy- Biz Sim

The simulation engages the participants in understanding how to take effective decisions on promotion, pricing, operations, hiring and termination, expansion strategy to sustain in market and generate maximum revenue by overcoming the challenges.


Banking Strategy- BankStrat

As a part of the management team of a bank, you have to make strategic and tactical choices with the help of the P&L and Balance Sheet of the bank, keeping in mind the competitor’s strategy.


Project Management- Proman

It provides users with situations and problems that arise in real-world projects. The simulation provides an opportunity for users to solve typical project problems, to make mistakes, and analyze them.


Human Resource Strategy- HurSim

HuRSim is a simulation that allows you to manage the human resources department of a medium-sized organization. In the real world, managers must make decisions without perfect information, under conditions of uncertainty, and within time and budget constraints.


Sales Negotiation- Negocio

The simulation is focused on the discussion on value over price. This is related to sales negotiation that sales person deals with B2B purchasing & common buyer tactics. The participant is required to find creative solution to impasses & sticky problems.


Compensation Restructuring- CORE

The simulation is related to compensation restructuring within a given budget. The participant is expected to find the job-size of few roles and to use compensation bands for suggesting revised compensation for these roles.


Financial Ratios- Finrate

In this simulation, students learn to idenify typical industry characteristics revealed in financial data. Students will practice relating financial data to the strategy and operating characteristics of a business, understand how said characteristics vary across industries, learn financial ratios.


Pricing Strategy- Pricey

The simulation is related to the pricing and methods and how to choose the best one in a situation. The game is based on a product that is launched for the premium segment of the population. The objective of the game is to maximize the net margin over the period of next 3 years for this product.


Sales Pitch- Deal Ordeals

The simulation is related to pricing methods and how to choose the best one in a situation. The game is based on a product that is launched for the premium segment of the population. The objective of the game is to maximize the net margin over period of next 3 years for this product.


Interviewing- BEing Interviewer

BEing interviewer is a simulation that is based on the BEI methodology of interviewing. The participant is expected to interview candidates using this methodology and have to scientifically zero in on the right candidate. This simulation enhances the interviewing abilities of the participants.


Performance Counselling- Key Performer

It simulates a performance counseling conversation where the participant counsels an employee to improve in certain areas. It's an outcome-based conversational event simulation and the participant is expected to get agreement on a performance improvement plan.  


Supply Chain Management- Beer Mug

The objective of the game is to meet customer demand through a multi-stage supply chain with minimal expenditure on back orders and inventory to maximize the profit of the supply chain.


Financial Ratios- Positron

Positron is a simulation-based on financial ratios. The simulation engages the participants in understanding how to improve the profitability and liquidity of the company in order to help the company tide over the crisis. 


Leadership- Valued Leader

Valued Leader is a simulation of leadership situations where values help in decision-making. This is one aspect of the Leadership Simulations series which delves into an aspiring leader's value system.


Leadership- Super Leader

Keeping the team engaged is a critical requirement of any leadership position. This simulation ensures that the participants learn how to apply the key levers of engagement in the appropriate manner depending on the sub-ordinates state of engagement.


Leadership- Leads To Leadership

As a Business Leader, you have to keep your immediate next level team competent and motivated to achieve business goals. As they say “The task of the leader is to get their people from where they are to where they have not been.”


Marketing Strategy- Trendy Fashion

This is a retails industry business simulation that covers marketing, operation, and HR decisions. This simulation is based on a store manager’s roles and responsibilities starting from ordering inventory to customer satisfaction.


Financial Strategy - Policy Bazaar

This simulation simulates a manager's role in an insurance company. It makes the participants apply concepts related to subordinates and customers, effectively, in order to achieve targets.


Business Strategy- Barbati Breads

Barbati Breads is a Business Strategy Simulation. The simulation challenges participants while taking effective decisions on production, pricing, distribution, and sales to maximize profits.


Customer Relationship- Customer Is King

Customer Service training for all incumbents in customer-facing roles.



A possible solution that lands in between Off-the-shelf and Custom-built solutions is the Tailor-made solution. Tailor-made solution utilizes a core quantitative model. This solution requires fewer changes to the Off-the-shelf solution. The good thing about Tailor-made solutions is that you will often be able to get almost a Custom-built solution for a cost slightly above an Off-the-shelf solution. Under this solution we provide any or all of the following features. The cost of creating a custom made solutuion will depend on the extent of change required.



Add Scenarios

Give an additional twist to the story line by adding a new scenario with changed environmental conditions.


Delete Scenarios

Delete scenarios as soon as they become redundant or out of context.


Modify Scenarios

Change scenarios incrementally as some new elements have come into play.


Add Variables

Adding input variables or interim variables is just a matter of hours. Output variables too can be added in a jiffy!


Delete Variables

Delete a complete set of variables and bring in a new set, if the need be. Create more complexity with nil coding!


Change Variables

Change variables on the fly and create new linkages. Also create more interim variables and sub-variables, if required.



If you have a GAME IDEA we have a game plan! Since you are the best person to know your Organization why should others design your simulations? Allow your employees’/ students’ creative minds to work and design simulations that are hundred percent relevant for you. Very few companies that use serious games try to make their actual organizations the basis of their simulation, most do not. Creating a custom solution is not only far more effective but also now within range of most companies. Giving the participants something exceptionally challenging, unexpected, applicable and engaging will surprise and delight them. Today’s learners are exceptionally pragmatic. They believe customization is the norm.

Custom-built built business simulations are built around three things:

1. Goals of your training program

2. Corporate strategy

3. Organizational uniqueness

Our multi-phase and integrated approach combines advanced development tools and design expertise, resulting in a customized application with a professional appearance, sophisticated modeling, and comprehensive support.

With every project we:

  • - Review your project's pedagogy & requirements, and work with you to explore opportunities for analysis and visualization
  • - Design wireframes & full-color mockups specific to the desired learning outcomes
  • - Develop an interactive application, based on a design we develop or one that you already have
  • - Test your application to ensure that it works successfully on a variety of browsers and devices including computers, tablets, and smart phones
  • - 30 days delivery after the finalization of the quantitative model is guaranteed

Custom-built simulations are exceptional tools to reinforce not only the business strategy and leadership competencies of your organization but also they can immensely support training content. Participants are able to practice and apply your content directly to your business. These solutions give participants a very real hands-on experience. Custom business simulations quite possibly score the highest in the area of engagement. This is because the participants know the solution is about their businesses, jobs and roles. By default the participants have an emotional investment in the program.


Organization Specific

Defines the purpose of learning an establishes exaclty what needs to be accomplished in your context.


More Autonomy

Capitalizes on people intrinsic desire to succeed by taking charge of situations.

Higher Interactivity

Gives users interactive tasks to complete and encourages a more active learning process.


Scalable Rewards

Gives way to greater rewards in exchange of completion of more involved and complex challenges.

Stready Feedback

Provides steady feedback making users remain aligned with the goals set.


Larger Retention

Hands on experiance on more or less real scenario provides learning that are retained for long.


Simnnovator Program

PRAYOG is a highly flexible AI-based engine. Prayog is a simulation engine dedicated for simulation game creation.

Prayog has the advantage of allowing academicians and other professionals who are experts in their respective areas to give shape to their own creativity and make their learning contents more oriented towards Industry 4.0.

With a lot of focus being put by regulatory bodies like UGC and AICTE on use of technology in teaching-learning methodologies, faculties of several B-Schools have opted for creating innovative simulations using Prayog.

We invite faculties of schools involved in higher education and CXOs in industries to conceptualize and design innovative simulations in a win-win Simnnovator Program.

Simnnovator Program is open only to faculties of few chosen Schools and Corporates

Every Simnnovator is assigned an in-house coordinator in the Humanlinks team to help reduce the creation time and maintain the quality


Our Simnnovators

Satya Sahoo: (a) MS- Shipping Management and Logistics, World Maritime University, Sweden, (b) PhD. in Derivatives and Risk Management, Henley Business School, University of Readings, UK, (c) 7 years experience in industry and academics, (d) Current: WMU, Sweden

Suvakanta Mohanty: (a) MBA- Marketing, University of Wisconsin, USA, (b) PhD. in Consumer Behavior, University of Readings, UK, (c) 20 years industry and academics experience, (d) Current: KSOM, India

Praveen Mohanty: (a) MA- Economics,  JNU, India, (b) PhD. In Finance, University of South California, US (c) 30 years of experience in the financial sector in US and India, (d) Current: Entrepreneur

Subrat Sarangi: (a) MBA- Marketing, XIM Bhubaneswar, (b) PhD./FPM XLRI, Jamshedpur, (c) 15 years in Consulting and academics, (d) Current: MICA, India

Sumita Mishra: (a) MSW- TISS, India (b) PhD./FPM in HR, MDI, India (c) 12 years experience in industry and academics, (d) Current: KSOM, India

Asit Mohapatra: (a) MBA- HR, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, India, (b) PhD. in Business Administration, AMU, India, (c) 35 years of industry and academics experience, (d) Current: IIM-Ranchi, India

Chandrabhanu Das: (a) Masters from JNU, (b) PhD. In Finance, University of South California, US (c) 30 years of experience in the financial sector in US and India, (d) Current: Entrepreneur

Joydeep Biswas: (a) MBA- Marketing, XLRI, Jamshedpur (b) PhD./FPM XLRI, Jamshedpur, (c) 10 years experience in Sales and academics, (d) Current: ITC, India

Debasish Das: (a) MBA- PMIR, XLRI, Jamshedpur, India (b) Over 30 years of experience in industry and academics (c) Served as CHRO at large MNCs and Indian Blue Chip companies (worked in 15 countries around the globe), (d) Current: Entrepreneur

Sasmita Mishra: (a) M.Phil- Psychology, Utkal University, India, (b) PhD.- Psychology, IIT, Kharagpur, India, (c) 15 years experience in industry and academics, (d) Current: L&D Head, Large blue chip company, India

Dipankar Das: (a) MBA- XLRI, Jamshedpur, India, (b) M.Phil- JNU, India, (c) 20 years experience in L&D functions of large corporates, (d) Current: L&D Head, Tata Power, India

Niroj Panda: (a) MBA- Utkal University, India, (b) 25 years of corporate experience in Human Resource function, (c) Current: Entrepreuner




PRAYOG Platform

PRAYOG-based Simulations

Humanlinks business simulations are built on a powerful software-as-a-service platform so you can run all of your simulation based trainings from one easy-to-use central interface. Because we know that you would rather concentrate on delivering results than learning a new tool, we've made sure that our simulation games are quick to setup, intuitive, and run straight from your browser. Whether you have managers and employees to train in the hospitality, telecommunication, electric utilities, banking, retail, real estate management or public broadcasting industries, we have a solution for you.

The simulation platform allows team members to work virtually if they wish. Each team member has his/her own account that enables him to make decisions and scenarios on his/her own and later compares the outcomes with the other team members.

Simulation Game Flow:

It is possible to utilize the simulation for any number of participants. All teams/ individuals may be starting from exactly the same position, with similar specifications. Similarly, the teams will be faced by the same situational/ environmental conditions during the simulation. We capture participants' information related to competencies and simulated performance.

Features of the platform:

-Customizable: Tailor our default storyline or create your new simulation to suit your specific needs and to match it perfectly to your program
-Scalable: You can add as many participants as you want
-Compatible: The simulations are compatible with all major browsers
-Browser-based: There is no need for software installation or IT assistance
-Realistic: The simulation models reflect real world business challenges and results accurately
-Competitive: Teams compete against each other or against the machine, in team-based programs
-Intuitive: The platform based solution makes moving from one simulation to another a seamless experience
-Flexible: Easy scheduling and distribution of learning materials over internet
-Measurable: Detailed reports to help with the analysis

Custom Design

Creating custom-built simulations is a core offering. Our simulations are based on sound instructional design, visual communication, as well as digital interaction and reflect a thorough understanding of the context of training, audience profiles, performance goals, and business objectives.

We create everything from scratch but without the huge development costs, so we can inject your brand and culture at every step of the process. We create online real-like experiences that engage employees throughout the course and drive real results.

We strive to go 'above and beyond' when it comes to injecting creative and innovative ideas into the design and creation process. We seek to develop a deep understanding of the needs of your organization.