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Training Strategy- iTrain

iTrain is a simulation of the competency development process in organizations. It simulates the execution of a training plan designed to upgrade the competency levels of the employees of an organization. 

Game Description:

In a large software develoment company in Bathelano city, you are the head of the L&D function. You are responsible for ensuring that competency levels of employees is upgraded as required by the business. You will be facing several uniques situations as time goes by you have to take appropriate decisions to meet organizational goals.

Scenario Description:

Your company has to prepare employees to deliver a projecct for one of your clients within a specified time and budget.You will have to dabble with various pedagogy options in the online and offline formats alongwith a bunck of trainers. You have to work within a specified budget and limited time.

Key Decision:

Key decisions are related to:

-competency development timelines

-trainers to be used

-pedagogy choice

-budgetary allocation etc.