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Humalinks-W12 Programs help optimization of ROI on investments in Human Capital. Our comprehensive portfolio of skills and career accelerators are designed to meet all your training needs - individual, departmental and organizational. They provide managers and organizations with a much larger value proposition than any other similar intervention. Humanlinks has been a pioneer in delivering technology solutions in training since 2000, not only in India but also in SE Asia and the US.

At a very high level, by applying the lessons of W-12 program, junior and mid level managers will be better equipped to handle the unpredictability and ever-shifting dynamics of leading in the middle zone. They will:

  • -Bridge the gap between senior management and the front line
  • -Collaborate across the organization
  • -Manage complexity
  • -Leverage the experience gained from multiple life roles
  • -Build resiliency for themselves and others


What Makes W-12 unique?

W 12 provides a highly personal experience that is tailored to help each participant get the most out of sessions by providing a highly interactive online e-learning programs. W-12 offers a proven blend of special features:

  • -Rich research-based content
  • -Personalized assessment and feedback
  • -Dynamic experiential exercises


The above programs will have 3 components each, as given below:

  1. Pre-assessment of participants- At the beginning of the program all participants will be required to take the pre-assessment test to estimate their current level of competencies
  2. Content sharing- Participants will be provided structured and contemporary content related to the above competencies. The content will be available over the internet for a period of 30 days and can be accessed through login/ passwords by participants. The content will be a mix of text, animation, video and audio as required to make the experience enriching.
  3. Post-training Assessment & Certification of participants- At the end of the scheduled period, the candidate will be required to go through a post-assessment test to assess his/her understanding of the content and the overall improvement in the depth these particular competencies. Humanlinks will certify participants who score above certain defined criteria related to the assessment.




E-Learning Levels

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E-Learning Platform

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IMPRESSive Sales Management addresses the constant pressure on managers and sales representatives with revenue accountabilities to perform in a volatile marketplace. Team performance gaps, strong competitive moves, inaccurate forecasting and poor execution of competitive strategies in the field, are some of the issues that lead to sales management frustration. From strategic solutions to tactical sales and sales management training, from field implementation to the deployment of complex sales solutions. IMPRESSive Sales Management training is aimed at assisting in optimizing and executing an effective sales strategy. This will establish a solid foundation to support the on-going development, communication and implementation of sales strategies and tactics necessary to meet business objectives while emphasizing the sales service values of ease, efficiency and reliability.



IMPRESSplusSales Management is designed to enable participants to follow a step-by-step approach in selling and effectively raise their success rates when sealing deals. This will enable participants to raise their level of self-awareness with respect to their role in effecting sales and provide them with useful strategies that can be applied in a range of selling scenarios. It will also help increase participants’ self-confidence which will empower them to assertively address selling opportunities. Ultimately the impressplus framework will help participants to think fast, take the right action and watch out for buying signals to immediately close sales deals.



The telephone as a medium for sales activities has nowadays become an integral part of the marketing strategy of any organization. Every telephone conversation with a potential customer or an established client offers a potential sale and effective tele-selling results in repeat business. This does not happen by chance but is the result of good interpersonal skills, excellent telephone and selling techniques. Our TeleIMPRESSion training provides a solid foundation and background to telesales. This enables participants to develop behaviors, grasp effective telephone and selling techniques that lead to successful sales deals.



“…Nearly 60% of frontline managers underperform during their first two years in the seat, driving performance gaps and employee turnover across the entire frontline”



  • Are you creating a bad manager out of a star employee?
  • Are your managers equipped to communicate & operationalize the vision?
  • Do they have the right knowledge and skill sets to do their job?
  • Are you are still struggling with how to make your managerial development programs drive greater business impact?
  • Is your organization under internal pressures to control and lower costs while engaging and motivating your managers to improve productivity?
  • Is time a constraint to get your managers trained and equipped with knowledge?

Do you have a solution?

We do!

We understand that frontline managers are the anchors to business resultsand to an organization’s success but only if they are provided with the right knowledge, skill sets and tools to do the jobThe obvious benefits are found in the program’s approach, effectiveness, implementation speed and cost savings. Humanlinks’ frontline manager training solution provides managers and organizations with a much larger value proposition:


  • Tailored, talent-driven solution that satisfies the development needs and business requirements
  • Train at your own pace, self directed by the trainees, flexible-anytime, anywhere
  • Hybrid solution that offers the benefits of a tailor-made learning program combined with the speed of an off-the-shelf product.

Key Modules

Organizing & Planning Skills

Organizing Planning helps in improved productivity. Inefficient use of time means wasted money and missed business opportunities. This program will enable working professionals to structure their delivery effectively more effectively.

Developing Subordinates

Managers should be capable of understanding the vision of the organization and aligning the subordinates accordingly .This gives a fillip to the subordinates’ growth and realistic expectations This module precisely provides the above input.

Problem Solving & Decision-Making

This program helps managers master the art and science of decision-making for resolving organizational problems. Managers who are not capable or do not have the depth required in decision-making skill eventually end up ignoring problems that cause major financial burdens on organizations.

Conflict Management

Conflict in the workplace can lead to turn-over, lost productivity, lost profits and dissatisfied clients. Helping managers and organization leaders learn how to cope with stress, this training /workshop helps trainees learn to manage conflict productively and maintain a healthy work environment.